Imagine A No Betting Vacation in Vegas?

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Las Vegas Vacations, I guarantee you, are more than simply betting and shows at your chosen resort. Considering the location of Vegas, one practically needs to assume that there really must be more to it than gambling.

Vegas, frequently called a “Desert Oasis”, sits alone in the center of several mountain ranges. Amidst the bright lights as well as the glamor, you can research their every dream and whim, But away from your glitter and gambling there lies an outside lover’s delight. Merely waiting to be explored!

Fishing, boating, hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, rockclimbing, and sightseeing are but a few of the activities available to the serious outdoors-man. There isn’t a more different area to vacation in.

In the summer you’ll find welcomed relief in the triple digit temperatures on the desert floor. Mt Charleston rises to about 11,900 feet and resides in the Spring Mountain Range, which constitutes a small portion of the Toiyabe National Forrest where camping, picnicing, hiking, backpacking are the order of the day.

If roughing it at Mt Charleston isn’t your cup of tea. The Mt Charleston resturaunt and Resort will cater to all your needs. With gourmet eating and lodging fit for a King or Queen.

If you happen to be visiting through the winter months, then the Lodge at Lee Canyon is where to be. Nothing like the scent of recently burned pine wood in the fire pit combined with the food being prepared in the grill to bring a grin to your face.

When it’s water sports your looking for then prepare yourself to be astounded by Lake Meade. With approx. 900 miles of coastline, Lake Meade Recreational area is known to be the largest man made lake in the US. Fishing, camping, boating, swimming, jet skiing are only a few of the attractions with this magnificent piece of Nevada. Nearly a 30 to 45 minute car ride from Las Vegas making it one of Nevada’s major draws.

There is much to see at Lake Meade. You will find lots of coves to pull your craft into for the weekend some of which, have natural hot springs that are alot of pleasure together with therapuetic.

Addititionally there is an abundance of stripped bass, trout and catfish in the Lake. For sure, Fishing is very great.

“The Hoover Dam”, mustn’t be dominated. Tours are done many times a day which take you by elevator down within the dam where the powerful electrical turbines dwell. You will be awestruck by the site of the Colorado River from atop the dam itself. Actually a sight to behold.

I really hope I’ve given you a reasonable cross section of actions when visiting Las Vegas. I also hope I’ve helped one to choose to take your vacation with us here. In the end, Vegas Vacations are second to none.